Most valuable baseball cards

Most valuable baseball card

Most valuable baseball card

The most valuable baseball cards are often determined by a number of factors that all contribute to how much they are worth. These include: the player themselves, their play numbers, condition of the card and scarcity. Although condition and numbers of the player are important; many of the most valuable baseball cards are due to special significance.


  1. Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees 1933 Baseball card

Worth: $275 000

Issued By: Goudey


The first baseman for the New York Yankees, Gehrig was a six - time world champion and seven time all star. He had an impressive career of 17 seasons and entered the hall of fame in 1939.


  1. Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees 1952 Baseball Card

Worth: $282 000

Issued By: Topps


Mickey Mantle was the centerfielder for the New York Yankees and worshipped by many as the greatest switch hitter of all time. His ability to for both power and high hitting average earned him 3 titles as the American League most valuable player. He also holds the record for most world series home runs.


  1. Joe Doyle, New York Yankees 1909 - 1911 Baseball Card

Worth: $329 000

Issued By: T206, Piedmont Cigarettes


Doyle was a great pitcher and the first in the 20th century to throw shutouts in each of his first two starts. However, he only won 22 games in his short career and did not have great numbers to show for. He was known for the “Black Sox Scandal” involving acceptance of $5000 to lose the World Series. His popularity and fan support has allowed this card to become extremely valuable.


  1. Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox 1914 Baseball Card

Worth: $517 000

Issued By: Baltimore news


Babe Ruth was the left - handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and later on became most well known as a slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees. He was a seven time world series champion and his outstanding career led to this rookie card being of such high value.


  1. Honus wagner, Pittsburgh Pirates 1909 - 1911 Baseball card

Worth: $2.8 Million

Issued By: T206, Sweet Caporal Cigarettes


Wagner was the shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates and one of the first players to enter into the Baseball Hall of fame. He won eight battling titles and was nicknamed the “Flying Dutchman” for his German heritage and incredible speed. This card is extremely rare as he was anti - tobacco opposed to his picture being used for cigarette promotion.


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