Nolan Ryan baseball card values

Nolan Ryan baseball card value

Nolan Ryan baseball card value

A right - handed pitcher for four of the best teams in major league baseball, Nolan Ryan held a record career of 27 years, leading amazing numbers and achievements throughout. Ryan debuted with the New York Mets then traded to the California Angels in 1972. He later moved on to play for the Houston Astros as well as the Texas Rangers.

With a run - average of 3.19 and close to 6000 strikeouts, the statistics almost make it impossible for his baseball cards to not be popular.


Whether you are just starting to collect Nolan Ryan baseball cards or if you are already an avid collector, here are some of the best Nolan Ryan baseball cards that you should be looking at.


1969 Nolan Ryan Topps Baseball Card #533

This was the first card issued by Topps that pictured Ryan by himself. In this year, he helped the Mets win the World Series. This is a classic card that is very good for adding to your collection and more affordable than some of his other cards. The price can range from $300 - $400 for mint quality.


1968 Nolan Ryan O - Pee - Chee Baseball Card #177 with Jerry Koosman 

A rare rookie card, this was issued by the lesser - known O - Pee - Chee. This design is almost the same as the rookie card issued by Topps, featuring Nolan Ryan with Jerry Koosman. But this card has a lighter feel. Both cards are a great collectors item and are easily over $1000. However, the O - Pee - Chee card is harder to find.



1970 Nolan Ryan Topps Baseball Card # 721

The value for Nolan ryan cards are held at high regard due to the respect for him as such a great player. This vintage card is another well - sought after card where graded near mint copies are $250 - $300. Professionally graded mint copies are often closer to $700.


1991 Nolan Ryan Heroes Autograph Upper Deck #AU2 #/2500

Only 2500 of these Upper Deck Cards exist are extremely hard to find. This was a follow up to the 1990 Upper Deck Insert Set. These were hand numbered and were an immediate hit. The prices of these cards sit at around $140.


As well as looking at the history and scarcity of the card itself, you must also look at the condition of the card to determine its value. Due Nolan Ryan’s popularity, his cards are great for starting a collection and there are many great cards out there that represent a player with stamina and excitement.


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