How to Take Care of Your Baseball Cards

Baseball Card Holders

Baseball Card Holders

Taking card of your cards is key in keeping their worth. A coincidental fold or scratch can bring down a cards quality. Fortunately there are many different gadgets and methods to take care of your cards.

A good way to protect your cards is to put them in a cardboard box made especially for them. You will discover these containers in particular shapes to house and protect your cards. They come in sizes to hold distinctive measures of cards. These are stackable and will fit effectively into most wardrobes or stockpiling spots.

There are also penny sleeves. These are clear thin sleeves which you can put the card in before you put it into the holder. A very popular holder is the top loader. This is a clear plastic and semi - rigid holder, which holds one card. These are protective and allow you to handle the card. Both the top loaders and the penny sleeves are very affordable. I personally have both and they are great to bulk buy. You can also simply buy clear plastic sleeves to put your cards into.

The penny sleeves and top loader are use for heavy - duty protection and used for your most prized collection of cards. It is a good idea to use these to hold your more expensive cards.

Continuously be watchful when taking care of your cards. When you lift them up, make sure your hands are clean and abstain from touching the delicate corners. I hold them by the face and back. Be sure to keep your cards away from pets, children and food to maintain cleanliness. Keep your card far from harming components, for example, hot surfaces, damp areas, dryness and immediate daylight. When I was young, I kept some of my collection inside my closet and some were in the storage room. They survived the years still looking as good as new.


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